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About Us


Launched in 2004, FollowOne International is an interdenominational, non-profit ministry begun in Winter Springs, FL. 


Our Vision

God’s ongoing global purpose is to redeem and transform the world for His greater glory. To achieve that purpose, He has chosen to use His family, the Church. FollowOne has helped congregations and Christ followers become more strategically mobilized in God’s mission to lost and hurting people across America and around the world. FollowOne runs with Jesus toward the day when all nations are saturated with indigenous churches that are transforming their societies for God’s glory and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world.


Our Focus

Deciding how to use the various resources God has entrusted to us lies at the very heart of Christian discipleship. Our desire is to invest our resources where they are most needed and where they will have the greatest impact for Christ’s mission. God does not love any country or people more than another. Throughout Christian history, however, He has chosen to boldly use specific nations or peoples at certain points in His redemptive plan. It seems that God has now placed a special anointing on His church in the USA and China. (See Why China? Why Now?)


“Come follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19




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