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Child Evangelists 

By Alyssa Seed 

April 1, 2014

"But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’

You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you." 

Jeremiah 1:7 (NIV)


Jeremiah thought that he was too young for the job to which God was calling him. The Lord, however, assured him that it did not matter how much knowledge or maturity he had. Jeremiah was called by the Lord God Almighty to do a task, and the Lord would do the work through him.


Too often we categorize children the same way Jeremiah limited himself. Some adults may assume that Christian children are too inexperienced, uneducated, fragile and immature to really take part in the work of the Lord.


As Christians we know that when we give our lives to Christ we are called to go into the world and preach the good news. This is the Great Commission (Mark 16:15). God does not limit this command to adults; it includes every believer.


When we are saved, we are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. It is He who “is in charge of all the convincing and convicting” of people for salvation, not us (William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd, Share Jesus Without Fear). Many children are saved by the time they are able to read. If a child has received Christ, he or she has the Holy Spirit living within them. Why could they not share their faith and take part in the Great Commission?


These young disciples are ready to share God’s love. They are ready to lead others to Jesus. They are waiting for an invitation to take part in the responsibilities of the body of Christ. We adults, the benevolent “gatekeepers” of children, need not wait until they have more years or knowledge. We can step out in obedience and faith. We can allow and equip saved children to step into ministry.


One may be tempted to assume that because children think simply they cannot share their faith. But “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise” (1 Cor. 1:27). Yes, children tend to think concretely and simply, but they understand more than adults often realize. With adult permission and encouragement, children find effective ways to share the Gospel based on their own experience with Christ. A child may use different words than a pastor, but that does not mean their words are less effective or appropriate. Children can be Christ’s ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:20) just like Jeremiah.


For many years I failed to realize the potential of children. I believed children could come to know Christ, but I never thought much about their responsibility as believers. God has opened my eyes. I am daily astounded by the spiritual growth and effectiveness of children in ministry.


I wish you could meet my little friend Josiah. He is a shy, introverted child who, as his buddy Adrian (8 years old) put it, “used to make bad choices.” In our five-week class for children, I saw Josiah begin to understand the Gospel. I also saw him learn to share the Gospel through the five colors of our system and five Bible verses. Adrian told his mom that the Word had changed Josiah. Today, Josiah will share the Gospel with anyone and everyone who is willing to listen. He has already been on one mission trip and four outreach events. He is still an introvert, but the Word of God put a fire in him and nothing can keep him from sharing. Josiah has been transformed by the Gospel and he is involved in the Great Commission. His story is one of many. 


As you strive to fulfill God’s calling in your own life, encourage your children or the children around you to do the same.


I invite you to do three things for children. Ask a child if they have questions about Jesus and His good news. Encourage them to tell someone about Jesus. Pray that the children in your church will have the opportunity to understand and share Jesus’s love with others.


I invite you to allow Jesus to use children to one thing for you. Consider the boldness of young witnesses. If a 2nd grader can lead a person to Christ with loving confidence, so can you. It is the same Jesus who speaks through his followers, whether they are 8 or 88 years of age. Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will speak through His people in defense of Christ when the time is right (Mark 13:11). Maybe you have never really shared your faith with anyone. Take the hand of a young child and let them lead you.


Lord Jesus, give us the eyes to see that your power in us has no limit, whether we are young or old, wise or foolish.


About the Author

Alyssa Seed is the Director of First the Kids (FTK), the children’s ministry of First The Kingdom in Oceanside, CA. FTK uses a five week curriculum to help kids understand and feel comfortable sharing the Gospel. They are looking to partner with more churches in this discipleship and mission outreach. Alyssa and husband Bryan live in Oceanside, CA. Learn more about her ministry here.


A word from James

I was so excited to meet Alyssa and the ministry of First the Kids last month. It was a divine appointment. Her understanding of ministry and children is both shocking and encouraging. May God help us to not let unreasonable concern for safety or political correctness put up unnecessary boundaries that limit our children and the message of life they can share. If you like Alyssa’s message, you will love Friends4One. Is there some way FollowOne can help you, your children and your church use the blessings of God to serve lost and hurting people? 


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