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Blessed to Be A Blessing



The Beginning

Ten years ago last week, FollowOne's founding board members gathered near Memphis to officially launch this interdenominational Christian mission. As Christ-followers from Mississippi, Texas, Florida and Tennessee, we knew God wanted to mobilize His church to more effectively proclaim and demonstrate His grace to a world rocked by fear, hopelessness and injustice. We also believed that God had raised up FollowOne to run with Him in this global task. We prayed that God would use our prayers, worship, resources and work to bring Him glory and to change the world with His love. That is still our prayer.


The first article in this series of 10 Kingdom Victories in 10 Years of Service focused on our ministries with international students. Today we celebrate the ways FollowOne has invested Kingdom resources to bless others.


Stewardship - A Core Value

Good stewardship has always been a core value of FollowOne. It impacts everything we do: expenses, accountability, the ministry tactics we select, and the way we coach church leaders. We are both fiscally conservative and liberal. We do everything possible to keep expenses down, but rarely have we kept more cash than was needed to cover expenses for ninety days. In seasons where God blessed us with "surplus" funds, FollowOne has been generous in blessing other ministries and servants with the financial blessings we have received from God. 


Blessed To Be A Blessing

The total amount we have given to other ministries and servants is $186,498. When we complete the gift of Friends4One to another ministry this year, the total amount of our financial investment in other ministries since 2004 will be over $454,000. All supported ministries are Christ-focused and follow strategies related to the mission of FollowOne.


Some of the ways we have invested in God's mission beyond FollowOne include: families devastated by the 2008 earthquake in China ($36,463), American families adopting Chinese children, orphanages in China, 22 Mainland China ministries, 9 other mission organizations, leadership training, 6 international student ministries, and 4 ministries mobilizing university students for mission.


In demonstrating generosity, we also created scenarios where we had to count on God's faithfulness even more. At times I may have sighed, "If we had not shared those funds last month, we would not be under such fiscal stress today..." To no one's surprise, God has always provided. Hallelujah!


We have heard many testimonies of grace related to this pattern of sharing by FollowOne. There is, however, no way for us to account for or provide metrics for the impact of this stewardship. We planted the seeds as God called us. The harvest is in His hands.


Fruit Unveiled

Just last week, the Father reminded us of the ways He has blessed our stewardship. This is part of a letter from a person that received a missions scholarship from FollowOne while she was a student at Asbury Seminary:

FollowOne gave me a mission scholarship in 2006 to serve in Central America. It was the only scholarship I received during my seminary experience. I would like to make a contribution to FollowOne. Thank you for your commitment to young people.


Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, the hurting, the forsaken. As Christ-followers, we will do no less. Thank you for supporting the mission of FollowOne. Pray for us as we continue to be good and strategic stewards of the resources God entrusts to us.


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