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Coaching Produces Brighter Lights


In Matthew 5 Jesus looked his disciples in the eyes and made this shocking declaration. "You are the light of the world." He went on to tell them that the "natural" desire for his light-children is to illumine as much darkness as possible.


At the core of our being is the desire and calling to spread the light of Christ around the world. This is our spiritual DNA.


In his best selling book Born to Run, Christopher McDougall cleverly asserts that humans have the innate capacity to run - not fast but far. Advances in technology and other cultural factors have so distracted us from this core identity that few people ever run today, to the detriment of our health.


In a similar way, it is so easy for families and churches to wander away from our core identity as light-bearers. We need reminders and coaches to help us position our lanterns in ways that are most faithful to the call of Jesus and the urgent needs of the world.


Through our IMPACT process, conferences, resources and coaching FollowOne helps church leaders and families develop a strategic approach to ministry and mission. Basically, we help Christians shine more brightly!


We thank God for using the following FollowOne tools to more strategically mobilize thousands of people and millions of dollars for ministry in the most important and underserved areas of the world during the past 10 years:


  • IMPACT Coaching process and conferences that equipped leaders in over 50 cities in 8 states. The best way to see this aspect of our ministry is to consider pictures of ministries provided because of the encouragement and training provided by FollowOne. Here is a team from Thomasville First UMC serving in Rwanda right now! 
  • SigueAUno, the ministry of FollowOne led by Dr. Joanne Solis Walker to mobilize the Hispanic church (2008-2011).
  • Haggai Tools that help churches evaluate the real cost of property and paid staff, and provide options that free more resources for ministry with lost and hurting people.
  • Born to Shine, the book coming out later this year that will help churches and families reclaim our identities as the light of the world.


How can FollowOne help your church/family to shine the light of Christ in more effective and strategic ways? 

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