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The Power of Words



My niece Sarah Hayes (21) recently shared what God is teaching her about faith and fear. She is excited about the unique power and effectiveness of God’s Word. We looked at Psalm 19, Romans 10:17 and II Timothy 1:7. We talked about the power of God's WORD and the power of OUR words, as parents, children, siblings, friends and strangers speak and write to each other.



Like John Wesley and other saints God has used to impact the world, FollowOne has sought to leverage the power of the written and spoken word. This article gives thanks to God for the ways He has used the words we have communicated over the past 10 years.



Your support of FollowOne since 2004 has distributed the words of God through:

  • Devotionals. These monthly emails have moved believers to worship and more intentionally share Christ's love with others. The over 120 devotionals have been received by over 1,400 families across the nation and beyond. Writers have included men, women and children, pastors, bishops, mission leaders, educators, doctors, business leaders and musicians from 8 nations.
  • Prayer Guides. Each month Followone compiles a list of prayer requests from our ministry and partners, as well as other strategic ministries around the world. These guides are sent to our intercession team who are engaging in God's mission through prayer.
  • IMPwritingACT. FollowOne’s church coaching program, we call the IMPACT Process, helps church leaders explore the Church’s biblical call, evaluate their outreach efforts, investigate critical mission needs, and develop practical strategies to focus their ministry and more faithfully participate in Christ’s mission. 
  • The Experience of Conversion. This New Testament analysis is focused on the human role in the miraculous transformation of a soul by God's grace; it does not include texts that reflect God's “majority” role. The article gives special attention on the relationship between how someone begins the journey and how they mature as Christian witnesses.
  • Becoming a Member of God’s Family. A booklet that explains God’s offer of life to people with little or no background with the Christian faith. It is configured primarily for Chinese.
  • The Journey. A survey and discussion tool that helps pre-christian friends determine and communicate their “location” on the journey of faith and values.
  • From Strangers to Partners. A book and resources that introduces the strategic importance of sharing God’s love with international students and provides guidelines and tools (Spring 2016).
  • Born to Shine. A book and website that will inspire and equip Christian families to confidently focus their light on the underserved areas of the world (Christmas 2015).



We love the notes of encouragement we receive about our writing ministry. Here are a few we have received since April.

  • bible“A wonderful devotional for today. Inspirational, practical and most encouraging. Thank you!” Carolina Fernandez, friend in Ridgefield, CT, responding to the devotional, Reasons Most People Are Not Changing the World.
  • “Great...! Love the Cruciform rating system and a reminder to worship both vertically and demonstrate our love and outreach with the horizontal line.” Lisa Nagle, Mission agency director in South Bend, ID, responding to our seventh 10 in 10 article Music that Moves.
  • “What a wonder word!” Mark Martin, businessman and world-class softball star in Fayetteville, AR, responding to devotional Athletes of God.
  • "Beautiful testimonies of a mighty work you have helped to create for The Kingdom... I so love your heart and spirit that desires so deeply to bring the message of HOPE to an uninformed but desirous people group. God is using you in unimaginable ways glad I can partner with you. It is a privilege to pray for you weekly...” Betty Moore, friend in Memphis, TN, responding to the sixth 10 in 10 article Going to Grow - Serving in China.


Thank you again for partnering with us in God’s mission to lost and hurting people around the world. We continue to need your prayer and support. God is faithful!

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