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Many leaders are realizing that their churches are in danger of losing touch with God’s purpose and calling. God has raised up FollowOne International to be a source of renewal and direction for these churches. Lives and communities are being transformed by Christ’s love as churches increase and strategically focus their participation in God’s mission to lost and hurting people. Until recently, the Church in North America was the most effective missions body in the world. As congregations reclaim their identities as laborers in God’s mission, the best times of outreach may be yet to come.


FollowOne’s coaching program, the IMPACT Process, helps church leaders explore the Church’s biblical call, evaluate their outreach efforts, investigate critical mission needs, and develop practical strategies to focus their ministry and more faithfully participate in Christ’s mission. This process is tailored to the specific needs of individual churches and can last from six to twenty-four months. The IMPACT Process helps congregations focus their resources for strategic impact, expand their current level of support and involve a greater percentage of the body in outreach.


I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all of the blood, sweat and tears you shed for Northwest Bible Church. I know your toil here was at times frustrating, but I hope they were accompanied by blessings that will find a permanent place in your memory of this place. There is no question that you have had a profound and wonderful impact on our church and its outreach ministry. Whenever I hear someone speak of “strategic vision” for NBC Missions, I smile and remember you and our work together. So on behalf of Northwest Bible Church, – Thank You. — Jim Wilson, Mission Team Chair, Dallas, Texas


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