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Mobilize Christ Followers

After initially experiencing the resurrected Jesus Christ, what is a disciple to do with his or her life? In Acts 1:8 Jesus makes it clear that faithful disciples will use their gifts and resources to impact the world in the power of the Spirit. Initially the first century Christians stayed in Jerusalem, almost totally ignoring the global call Jesus had given them. These early believers, like much of the church today, walked around their city, but they were not very faithful in walking beyond their own culture — from Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the world.


Whereas the IMPACT Process and coaching ministries of FollowOne focus on church leaders, the iFOLLOW campaign targets individual disciples — Christ followers who are not paid professionals in ministry. FollowOne’s various programs, events and resources are tools for the Holy Spirit to usher the Church into a new day of passionate worship of Jesus and strategic involvement in His mission.


Key Elements

  • iFOLLOW events, programs and resources meant to bring renewal to Christians as they connect intimately with the mission of God
  • iFOLLOW Covenant in which individuals, families and churches commit to stewarding their resources in a way that brings maximum impact on the world with Christ’s love
  • Monthly communications that inspire, challenge and equip for participation in God’s global work
  • Various “next step” options for people who want to respond to God’s calling— missions trips, vocational counseling and focused training by FollowOne and the missions community at large

As I was praying this morning (May 24, 2007) about this vision, I felt clearly from the Lord his urgency in the call you are putting forth in this vision. As I listened I felt a strong sense… that God is so hungry for a move in his church, specifically the American church, that actually gives the Spirit freedom to move and do what he was sent to do in Acts 2.

— Steve Hambrick, Lead Pastor, Vintage242 Church, Marietta, Georgia


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