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Reach International Students

One of FollowOne’s unique and most effective ministries is our work that equips churches to connect Chinese scholars with Christ and his mission. Approximately 150,000 Chinese scholars are studying in the United States today. Ninety-five percent came to America with no prior knowledge of Christianity, the Gospel, or the Bible. These are the emerging leaders of China, the most influential country in the world today.


Sadly, the majority of these Chinese visitors will return home without ever visiting an American home or a Christian church. David Aikman, a former TIME magazine journalist who holds a doctorate in Chinese history, has said, “Reaching out to students from the People’s Republic of China is simply the most strategically important Christian missionary endeavor in the world.”


These brilliant Chinese friends think that they came to America to receive academic training. Through prayer and the sacrificial service of American Christians, these friends are experiencing something far more valuable —a personal relationship with the Lord of Creation.

These are the kinds of relationships I dream that our people would involve themselves in. I want to duplicate this intentionality of ministry so that our church can be the kind of redemptive outpost the church was intended to be.
— Pastor Dan Brenton, The Church at Tuscaloosa, Alabama

It has been such a great pleasure and excitement to share the change God has made in our lives. Your sowing, cultivation, and work for God are not in vain. May our God keep watching over us and make us more and more like Himself.
– a Chinese scholar and recent convert, Phoenix, Arizona

Key Elements

  • Church-based Local churches provide the volunteers, often in partnership with para-church ministries.
  • Trained Workers Effectiveness of volunteers relates to thorough and ongoing training.
  • Culture-specific Ministries that focus on a specific culture/country are the most effective.
  • Multifaceted Scholars experience the love of Christ through a variety of approaches.
  • Relational The heart of the ministry is the formation of authentic friendships.
  • Discipleship-oriented Help scholars follow Jesus in such a way that the world is blessed.
  • Indigenous Leadership Many aspects of discipling are most effective in the convert’s heart language.
  • Long-term As converted students move, FollowOne lines up local Christians to provide encouragement.
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