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The IMPACT Process

The IMPACT Process helps congregations focus their resources for strategic impact, expand their current level of support and involve a greater percentage of the body in outreach. This process is tailored to the specific needs of individual churches and can last from six to 24 months. It involves a series of retreats and meetings for the church’s leaders and for the paid and nonpaid workers in charge of outreach.

  • Identify Terms What does the Bible say about the mission of the church?
  •  Measure Faithfulness How can we celebrate the church’s past and current outreach?
  •  Picture Needs What are the underserved needs of the community and the world?
  •  Adopt Strategies What can focused ministry look like for this church?
  •  Create Structures How can the systems of the church better connect the congregation with Christ’s mission?
  • Train Workers How can church members and staff be better equipped to effectively engage in mission?
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