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Vision Trips

FollowOne’s vision trips introduce participants to the various ways God is working in China. Throughout the trip we encourage the team to ask God, Why have you brought me to China at this point in my life and in the history of the world? What might this mean for my future or my church’s future? Participants have their world view expanded, and most begin to help their churches get involved in God’s work in China or with Chinese scholars in America. FollowOne introduces the teams to more than a dozen effective ministries involving orphans, families, university students, leadership training, businesses, and sports. Many congregations use this trip as a training experience for people who may lead future trips.

Key Elements

  • Explore the beauty of the land, culture and church of China.
  • Hear the stories of courageous Chinese believers.
  • Pray in strategic places in the country like the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.
  • Participate in ministries related to the background and training of the team participants.
  • Deliver valuable Christian resources requested by the Church in China.
  • Share Jesus’ love in small groups and English classes.
  • Develop a better understanding of following Christ in an environment in which Christians are a minority.
  • Experience the diversity in Christ’s body. Our teams are comprised of people from various denominations, churches and ethnic groups.

We saw crystal clear examples of God at work … every hour of every day while we were there.
— Don Rhoads, Church Administrator, Germantown, Tennessee

This was one of the most transforming experiences of my life.
— Maxie Dunnam, Chancellor (retired), Asbury Theological Seminary, Memphis, Tennessee

I want to go.

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