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Invest your financial resources in the ministry of FollowOne. This ministry focuses on areas where the need is great, resources are limited, and the population has potential to impact their neighbors and the world. These are the most strategic places in the world. Your investment in God’s work through FollowOne will:


  • Help Christian children in America connect with children in China as friends and Ambassadors of Christ
  • Help churches across America be better stewards of their resources by addressing underserved needs in ways that have maximum impact for Christ.
  • Help bring renewal, love, and power to the Church in America as she reclaims her role in God’s mission.
  • Help build partnerships between Eastern Christians and Western Christians in order to effectively share Jesus’ love in the middle – the Muslim world.
  • Help the emerging leaders of the world begin to follow Christ, the international students in America.
  • Help believers in China bless their country and the world with Christ’s love.
  • Help people who have never seen a Bible receive God’s Word into their own hands and hearts.


I want to support FollowOne.


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